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Aprons and smocks Kits

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Polypropylene Gown w/ push buttons NITRAS® (pack 50pcs)

Ref: NTS453
2 available colors
desde: 55,00 €

SMS Polypropylene Gown (Pack 180pcs)

Ref: RCL1022
1 available colors
desde: 168,71 €

Polypropylene Gown NITRAS® (pack 100pcs)

Ref: NTS4540
1 available colors
desde: 72,25 €

Polypropylene Gown (Pack 350pcs)

Ref: RCL102
3 available colors
desde: 141,71 €

Polythylene Aprons NITRAS®(Pack 100pcs)

Ref: NTS423
1 available colors
desde: 7,50 €

Polyethylene Gown w/ press buttons (Pack 260pcs)

Ref: RCL1021
1 available colors
desde: 134,96 €

Visitor kit (Pack 10pcs)

Ref: RCL1029
1 available colors
desde: 6,89 €